James is an award winning graphic designer and illustrator and loves the process of creative problem solving. He's also a very successful, published children's book author and illustrator. His books are loved and sold all over the world. His enjoyment is clear in the exceptional attention to detail and intuitive creativity of his work. James’ extensive experience in graphic design, marketing and illustration includes in-house, freelance and independent contract assignments for a diverse range of organizations that include small mom and pops and multi-billion dollar tech companies.


Approaching design with an open mind as well as remaining current with industry trends and utilizing design-thinking practices keeps James’ work relevant, engaging and exciting. In addition, with his expert software skills in the Adobe creative suite, James can fluidly execute all types of design projects.


James regularly collaborates with design and marketing teams, often in leadership roles. He sees leadership as the ability to bring the best parts of each member of a team forward to contribute to the whole. A successful and inclusive design strategy is when the whole team works together to succeed together.


On a personal note, James is an outdoor enthusiast who loves to spend time playing in the woods or at the beach, hiking, surfing, biking, kayaking, enjoying all the "ings" of the outdoors. He’s also an artist and maker of things, a banjo plucker, a farmer, and he can make fire with sticks!


James regularly contributes to community by mentoring school kids, volunteering, and participating in community gatherings that connect people through shared interests and causes. When there are opportunities, he takes the time to share his experience with food freedom, natural farm-animal husbandry, and ancestral arts.


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